Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

What are you planning to gift your mother on the occasion of Mother's day? Giving special gifts will help to make the occasion of Mother's day memorable for you and your mother. Here are some great gift ideas for Mother's day.

Are you unable to decide what gift you should give your dearest mother on Mother's day? Do not worry; nothing can be as special as your hug, kiss and your best wishes for her. However, if you want to make Mother's day more special and memorable, giving a gift is a must. Read on to know about some gifts which you can give your mother on the occasion of Mother's day.

Gifts for Mother's day

It is a fact that mother's unconditional love cannot be compared to any costliest gift of the world. However, giving gifts is regarded as one of the ways of expressing love and gratitude. Here is a list of simple gift items which can make the Mother's day celebration unique.

Mother's day greeting cards

Cards are the best way of expressing feelings. Get a good card with nice wordings and keep it near your mother's bed. Let her receive it early in the morning and start her day with Mother's day greetings. If you are staying away from your mother your can send a greeting card through post or courier, but make sure to call her and ask at the end of the day whether she has received it or not.

Flowers and bouquets

Giving flowers and bouquets are also one of the good ways of greeting a mother. Like greeting cards, flowers and bouquets also express lot of things and are capable of bringing smile on one's face. At the same time women are very fond of flowers so giving flowers and bouquets on the occasion of Mother's day are not a bad idea.


Give a sweet gift to your mother in form of chocolates. There is a wide variety of chocolates available in market especially for such occasions. These chocolates are also packed in special packs which look very pretty.


Ornaments are all-time favourite items of women. If you have a good budget, you can buy ornaments like finger-rings, earrings, pendants for your mother. If your mother is very fond of jewellery and ornaments you could research on the latest styles and patterns available in market.

A saree or any favourite outfit

An ideal gift for an Indian mother can be nothing better than a sari. If your mother does not wear sari you can gift her any of her favourite outfits.

Coffee mugs

Gifting coffee mugs is very much in fashion. You can get a coffee mug with good quotes written on it. During these days you may also find coffee mugs with special Mother's day quotes.

Go out for lunch or dinner

If you are thinking of spending some time with your mother on Mother's day you can take her out for lunch or dinner at her favourite place. Spending some time with your mother out on lunch can prove to be a good gift for her and help to build special memories.

Gift a trip

Gift a trip to your mother to her favourite place or to the place where she has never been before. Book a trip for her with the entire family or with you father.

Cook her favorite food

If you have given all the above mentioned gifts during the previous Mother's days, you can try something new this time. You can cook specially for your mother on the occasion of Mother's day. You can note down all her favourite items including deserts and have a special feast on the occasion of Mother's day. She will be more than happier as she will get a leave for a day from kitchen chores.

Taking out a special time for your mother on the occasion of Mother's day is most important thing which you can do apart from giving a gift. Recall all the memories of childhood with your mother. Remember all the rhymes sung by her for you and stories which she told you. Remember all the hardships that she had to face while giving birth to you and upbringing you. What other better gift can you give your mother on the occasion of Mother's day?

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