Amazing and Cool Pedestrian Bridges On Earth

While the concept of pedestrian bridges isn't new, they are certainly going to cool new heights. These bridges are taking the need of getting from here to there into an adventure of sorts. These bridges give you exciting views of water, treetops, sky and even yourself. While most of the bridges belong to people who roar their bikes, these bridges are completely yours and they make sure to make you forget you live in a world shared by bikers.

These bridges make a big impression and reward you for traveling, on two wheels or on foot, but for using your muscle power.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia: This infinite bridge to nowhere stands amazingly at about 2,300 feet above sea level in Langwaki.

The bridge is more like an observation deck that can be reached by a harrowing cable ride up Mount Mat Cincang. The gentle curve in the esplanade offers astounding views of the Andaman Sea.
The view and the engineering are ever so impressive. And the fact that the bridge is suspended from a single mast that sticks up from the mountain below like a construction crane makes it an even more exhilarating experience.

Infinity Bridge, Stockton on Tees, England
This long "bowstring" bridge was opened in 2009 and was named "Infinity" for the symbol of infinity shaped by its strikingly theatrical double curve and mirror image in the river Tees.

The main bow is almost 400 feet tall and spans around 900 feet crafting a flamboyant wave in the process. Special night illumination boosts the infinity effect. There are LEDs built into the railing and footpath which are programmed to change color as pedestrians and bicyclists pass by.

Rolling Bridge, London
While a view from the bridge is what gives pedestrians a high, there is a bridge, which, in itself, is a sight to see. Every Friday noon, the bridge designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the

Rolling Bridge allows one boat to pass in or out of its moorage. You'll be riveted to see the bridge that is powered by hydraulic rams augment upward as a unit, wind backwards in turn allowing its eight triangular hinged sections to roll into a wheel!

Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore

Perched 118 feet above the lively Henderson Road, the Henderson Waves bridge offers you a view as to why Singapore is nicknamed the Garden City - treetops, flowering bushes, the harbour and the skyline!

The bridge is crafted to look a lot like a Slinky toy wherein a sculptural wave of steel ribs trails the pathway, sporadically curling up and over the edge to create little coves of sheltered seating.


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